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I have compiled an 18 page design booklet with all the information you need to build this handy and very versatile trailer. The trailer measures 6 feet by 10 feet and is equipped with a single axel. I built this trailer 10 years ago and still use it today. It has hauled hunting gear, four wheelers, snowmobiles, furniture, dirt, trash, lumber, firewood, a broken Harley, a running Harley and tons of other stuff. This trailer has even saved my buddies belongings from a storm after his wife threw him out. This trailer has made me a valued friend. It has also kept my beer fridge stocked. The axel  assembly I used gave it a payload capacity of 3000lbs. I built this to replace my store purchased trailer which was built using a cheap grade "C" channel. It worked well but after one winter began to fall apart. This trailer is tough and rugged. It took only a weekend to build and has paid for itself 10 times over. The trailer cost me under $500 to build and this included all new parts.

 I am offering these plans free when you purchase my dune buggy plans or my tube bender plans.. I am a designer by trade and have developed a step by step guide. This is not a single page blueprint. Each page walks the builder through one piece at a time. You do not need any blueprint reading skills or any special cad software. I have converted the plans to adobe pdf format. You can download this reader free at adobe.com. 

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